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Situated on the south east side of Antiparos with views to Paros and Naxos is Soros beach, one of the most popular beaches of the island.

Soros is a beautiful wide sandy beach with a few trees that provide shade when the sun gets stronger. The sand itself is thick and very pleasant to lie on. It doesn’t fly around with the wind and is easily shaken off when it’s time to leave!

The crystal clear waters deepen gradually and are perfect for swimming. The seabed is also sandy but the rocks at the south end of the beach offer the ideal place for snorkeling: you can see fishes, sea urchins, a variety of shells and even octopus!

During high season, in July and August, the beach is organized with sunbeds and umbrellas.  There are two tavernas nearby. Costas’ taverna “PERAMATAKI” is a local favourite that is open practically all-year-round, whilst Pantelis’ taverna is excellent for taking a break from the beach.

Soros has about 60 houses and is primarily a beach community of summer house owners. Nevertheless, there are a few permanent inhabitants, farmers and artists that love the serenity and beauty of Soros in the winter, too.


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Walk around Soros to find amayzing secret beaches.

If you are looking for isolation, stroll down in the neighboring bays on either side of the beach. If you take the road from Soros towards the southernmost tip of the island, either by car or on foot, there are three small bays: Peramataki, Livadhi and then Agios Sostis.

The latter one is the nicest and easiest to find. If you reach a small sandy beach to the left of the road you have reached Agios Sostis as the other two are off the road along rough tracks and consist of small multicoloured pebbles. There is minimal shelter on any of these beaches and no facilities so water is a must.


How to get to Soros:

Soros beach is 9 km south of the town and is accessible by road. You can easily get there by car or motorcycle by following the signs and park by the beach. Alternatively, you can use the community bus, get off at the Soros bus stop and go down the short road to the beach. The most adventurous will find their way by bike, windsurf, caiake, kite…