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Located on the west side of Antiparos, Monastiria beach is a quiet and wild desert beach.

One of the most unexplored beaches of Antiparos, Monastiria is protected from the summer north winds and offers an absolutely beautiful scenario with a long bay beach, surrounded by high hills and the mountains around “Kambos”.

monastiria mini Monastiria Beach, Antiparos

The sense of wildneress mixes perfectly with the beautiful scenario of Monastiria Beach

The access is either by boat or by a 3 km dirt road (after 6 km of asphalted road coming from the center of Antiparos). If you choose the road, make sure that you have an experienced driver, but the journey itself will gratify you with beautiful landscapes and wild sensations.

There are no facilities at Monastiria beach, so think about taking everything you need with you, including water, food and snorkeling equipment.

At arrival you will find a quite large sandy beach with some trees offering good shade.


Enjoy exploring the secrets of Antiparos.


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