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Agios Georgios (Saint Georgio) south-west of Antiparos village, is one of the most picturesque corners of Antiparos, offering breathtaking views overlooking the bay of Despotiko Island. Many consider it the most beautiful place on the island.

Agios Georgios is 11 km from the town of Antiparos, at the end of the only road that runs along the coast. It is a beach community with many summer houses, apartments to let, 3 restaurants, a couple of cafés and two sandy beaches: Kako Rema and Vathys Volos, both excellent for children.

Kako rema beach

One of the least known and most quiet beaches of Antiparos, Kako Rema is a small captivating sandy beach at the southern part of St. Georgio. Not known by many, it offers privacy and tranquility. Despite its size it is a beautiful clean beach with crystalline waters ideal for swimming and snorkelling adventures. Kako Rema is a nice alternative to relax in relative privacy and it is fully protected from the winds. Dive in the crystalline emerald waters, sunbathe on the golden sandy beach and enjoy some local dishes at the nearby tavernas. This is not an organised beach so make you bring some water and a parasol!

For those of you looking for total privacy, go after one of the isolated coves at the east of the beach, towards the rocky tip of Antiparos.

Vathys Volos beach

Vathys Volos is a lovely sandy beach peninsula, located just after the tavernas in St. Georgio. This beach concentrates many people during the summer months due to the clean waters and the total protection from the north winds that often blow on the island during the summer months. You can rent a chaise-longue or parasol and even order coffee or snacks from the local café: their waiters take orders and serve right on the beach!

Saint George Antiparos Agios Georgios or Saint Georgio in Antiparos

Vathys Volos with its blue calm waters and its bay layout invites for a long swim to the large

Nuzzled in a sheltered bay with clear view to the islet of Despotiko, the beach is ideal for practising watersports, while at the same time offers a safe harbour for small boats to anchor.
There are three restaurants and a couple of cafés at Saint Georgio. Captain Pipinos and Despotiko tavernas are situated at the harbour of Agios Georgios, one next to the other, and are both popular with the locals. They serve mainly fresh fish and wine, but also chicken and grilled meat, salads and all sorts of appetizers. Zombos Taverna is a bit behind the other tavernas that are in the harbour front. This excellent taverna is famous for the quality meat it serves, which is local produce, from the owner’s own animals.
From the small pier by the restaurants you can embark on several boat trips to the islet of Despotiko to visit its beautiful desert beach just opposite St. Georgio or the archaelogocial site there.


The island of Despotiko

Despotiko is situated almost exactly in the center of the Cyclades and offers beautiful sandy beaches.

despotiko antiparos Agios Georgios or Saint Georgio in Antiparos

About a mille from Saint George, you can try the crossing to Despotiko on a kayak 

Excavations in the wider region have shown that Despotiko was a cult centre from the 7th century B.C. until the Roman Times. In the year 2000, archaeologists discovered the remains of a 2,500 year-old Apollo temple, ancient cemeteries, swords, golden jewelry, small statues and pieces of ceramics, proving that Despotiko was inhabited and developed in the ancient times. Some of the nicest artifacts from the recent excavations are exhibited in the archaeological museum in Parikia, the capital of the nearby island of Paros.

In the 17th century the inhabitants were killed by pirates who wanted to use this tiny island as a shelter in the Aegean Sea. Since then, Despotiko remains uninhabited.




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