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This Thursday 8th of August the Αλκυόνη – Aegean Wildlife Hospital  and Antiparos En Plo will release healed birds that were taken care of at Alkioni hospital in Paros.

One Eleonora’s Falcon, one Kestrel, two Buzzards, and two Scops Owls will be released.

The Aegean Wildlife Hospital (ALKIONI) is an NGO for the care of protection of wild animals, founded in Paros in 1995. It has a two-fold aim:

  •  The care and rehabilitation of all wild animals that end up in its premises injured, sick or exhausted,
  • The protection of wildlife through environmental education, raising awareness, performing researches and legal procedures where necessary.

The running of the hospital depends on volunteers.

Bird releasing is the utter goal of Alkioni and a heart-lifting event kids and adults alike would enjoy and profit from.

If you would like to take part, come to the meeting point, the wooden kiosk opposite the Antiparos port at 17:30 and bring a car if you have one!



0 Healed wild birds release in Antiparos   Thursday, 08/08/2013
play Healed wild birds release in Antiparos   Thursday, 08/08/2013