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Despotiko is an uninhabited, small and dry island, located about 700 m southwest from the shores of Antiparos (Agios Georgios).

The island is situated almost exactly in the center of the Cyclades and during clear days it offers spectacular views towards the surrounding islands of Antiparos, Syros, Serifos, Sifnos, Kimolos, Folegandros, Sikinos and Ios (in anticlockwise order).

despotiko objects The Arcaic Sanctuary of Despotiko, Antiparos

As you walk around the excavation site, you can see the evidences right under your foot.

The strait separating Despotiko from Antiparos only has a minimum depth of about 1m, with the intervening islet of Koimitiri. This extreme shallowness of the strait suggests the possibility of a link between Antiparos and Despotiko in former times.

Due to its central position among the Cyclades and the large Despotiko Bay (between the island and Antiparos) providing safe anchorage, the island played an important role in maritime communication routes.

Recent excavations on Despotiko have uncovered a previously unknown Apollo’s sanctuary that has produced a great variety of archaeological finds, including marble sculptures, gold and bronze jewelry, faience scarabs and statuettes and a remarkable clay statuette representing a female goddess dating to ca 650 B.C.

antiparos pirates The Arcaic Sanctuary of Despotiko, Antiparos

The Apollo’s Temple location was the perfect pirate spot during Roman and Early Christian times.

During the Roman and early Christian Times, pirates (local stories includes the frightening Barbarosa among them) would be using the island as a strategic base and built their settlement over the ancient sanctuary using parts of it in their new edifications.

The amazing excavations site can be visited anytime.

Please, respect the site environement and never take anything with you.

Captain “Sargos” makes day-trips to Despotiko and can help you finding your way. You can wait for his boat to arrive at one of the Agios Giorgos Tavernas or just call him at the 30 6973 794876.


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