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Faneromeni Beach, in Antiparos, is charming, beautiful and romantic.

What makes this place so special?

A long deep and narrow bay on the south shore of Antiparos with incredible turquoise waters that ends in a protected small beach covered with thin and soft sand.

The bottom of the sea is covered with white sand, colouring the water with a whole palette of blue tones. Around the beach, oregano and thyne scent the wind that during the summer is usually less intense in this part of the island.

Lovers will adore the extremely romantic (almost erotic!) scenario. When alone there, comes easily the sensation of being the last couple on earth!

At the same time, the beach is perfect for families beacuse of the clear and calm waters, while kids love exploring the rocks at both sides of the bay looking for sea pockets, fish, crabs and other treasures.

faneromeni antiparos Faneromeni Beach, Antiparos

Just beside Faneromeni beach there is another long bay beach. That one is covered by pebbles.

The small size of Faneromeni (only a 30 meter-long beach) and the long calm water bay gives visitors the sensation of intimacy and safety, which contrasts with the wild landscape all around.

Faneromeni is a place to relax and enjoy the views, but is also great for snorkeling and can be the starting point for a kayak adventure through the south part of Antiparos with high cliffs, secret caves and other small bays and beaches.

Situated in the south part of the island, Faneromeni can be reached on foot/by car/by motorcycle via a 4km rocky road that starts at Soros Beach. On the way you will discover some other amazing sites such as Agios Sostis Beach and the Faneromeni church with incredible views of the sea and the south shore cliffs of Antiparos.

There are no trees and no shade whatsoever, so make sure you go prepared. The nearest café-restaurant is in Soros, where you can get some cold water and sandwiches on your way if you wish.

If you want to explore Antiparos, Faneromeni beach is a must!


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