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On Sunday 1st of September 2013 for the third year in a row, the Antiparos mountain bike race will take place, starting at 10:30h from Soros beach.

The “pre-start” will begin at the port of Antiparos and will take the competitors to Soros with the company of an escort vehicle (7km) while the actual race starts from Soros and is 25 km. Going on a circular track of a total of 32 km (7km from the port to Soros + 25 km race) the finish line will be at the port, at the exact spot where the race began.

Have a look at the track:

The open mountain bike race  follows a track that covers a large part of Antiparos, giving visitors a chance to discover the unknown beauties of the island.

The race is organised by the Antiparos Nautical Club ( with the support of the Municipality of Antiparos (

A race for kids and their parents

Apart from the mountain bike race, there will be a 3km kids bike race on Saturday 31st August 2013 at 17.30. All children and parents are welcome to cycle around the village fo Antiparos.

Support for the athletes during the race:

  • Distribution of water and energy drinks in three diferent spots of the race,
  • Ambulance and medical help
  • Escorting motorcycle
  • Escorting car to pick up athletes that cannot finish the race

To participate:

  • The race is open to anyone over 18 years old.
  • Under 18s need parents’ authorization
  • Use of helmet is compulsory

10 euro symbolic particpation fee, to support the Antiparos Nautical Club sailing classes for kids.


  • A1: Men 18-35
  • A2: Men 36-45
  • A3: Men over 46
  • Kids/ Adolescents up to 18
  • Women


A trophy will be given to the top three of each category. After the race there will be a ruffle with lots of presentes from sponsors!

!! Let’s pedal