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In addition to our article about kayaking in Antiparos, we present Greece by Kayak, a tour operator specialized in kayaking tours in Antiparos.

antiparos greece by kayak 8 Kayak trips in Antiparos by Greece by Kayak A tour operator that shares its passion for Antiparos and for kayaking.
Since 2011 Greece by Kayak has offered guided kayak tours around the island in partnership with the Antiparos legend, Kostas Kalpenidis (

Chris Carey, the Greek by Kayak idealizer and founder describes the tours as flexible and suitable for all kind of kayak enthusiasts.

“I help clients plan their trip to Greece, suggest where to stay, what to see and how to navigate Athens. Once they get to Paros we take care of everything else except for their dinner, allowing them the freedom to eat where and when they’d like to while in Antiparos…

We’re very laid back with our plans and we take our cue from the clients about how they feel and how much kayaking, hiking, beaching they’d like to do…”

The daily trips are obviously determined by the wind and weather conditions.

antiparos greece by kayak 4 Kayak trips in Antiparos by Greece by Kayak Secret caves, archeologic sites and incredible blue tones are just excuses to have loads of fun together.

“We usually kayak around Despotiko, off Soros to Panteronissi, east of Saint Gerogio through the arches and have even kayaked off Paros near Glyfa…

What better way to see this area than with a local and fellow boater and kayaker?

Kostas accompanies us by Zodiac boat carrying a cooler, safety equipment and any other personal items we don’t want to take in our kayaks. 

Kostas also dives for sea urchins for us to enjoy for at least one of our lunches”, explains Chris.

antiparos greece by kayak 17 Kayak trips in Antiparos by Greece by Kayak Enjoying Antiparos is discovering Greece in an authentic, original and beautiful way.
On top of the kayaking experience, the visitors are encouraged to connect with the Antiparos lifestyle and to local people.

Some sightseeing around Paros is also included, like the the Byzantine way hike, a trip sightseeing around Naoussa and a hike to the lighthouse nearby.

For 2014, two dates are already set to 9th of June and 16th of June.

Anyone can book the 5-day trips from now. Custom-tailored tours are also available.

If you have any question, visit Greek by Kayak website or contact Chis Carey (, while she is not kayaking with friends down Florida rivers, streams, lakes or in The Gulf of Mexico.


Keep kayaking in Antiparos!!