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It’s easy to get to Antiparos and unless you come with your own boat, follow the instructions:


To arive in Antiparos, you have first to arive to Paros.


From an island to Antiparos

From any island, check for boats to Paros (There are direct lines from Crete, Naxos, Santorini, Ios and from many other islands).

- Check also for charters flights from your location to Paros.


From Athens to Antiparos

There are 45′ flights from Athens to Paros (Olympic Air) 4 times a day during the summer

- Attention: the planes are small and usually fully booked in advance so you might book your flight in advance and maybe connect it with your international flight (one-way tickets price in 18/06/2013 = 100 euros).


From Athens you can take a 4,5 hours boat trip to Paros!!

- Go to Piraeus port, Gate E6 (most part of taxi drivers know the gate by the destination, so just tell “Paros”). You can buy the tickets in front of the gate and you can book online at For more information and Timetable go here:

- The boat trip costs around 35 euros per person. Children under 4 y.o. travel free. From 4 to 10 y.o. it’s 50% price. Dogs and bikes travel free. Cars tickets cost around 80 euros.

- It’s a very nice boat trip, especialy out of the high-season, on sunny and wind-free days. The view is great all the way long and you can enjoy it while having a drink and get a suntan on the deck. There are restaurants onboard, mainly fast-food and greek pastry. Wifi-internet is charged per hour. There is also the option to take a private cabin (to relax from a flight or in a night trip) where you can sleep, take a shower and relax (around 50 euros per person).


From Paros to Antiparos there are 2 ways to arrive (both boats)

- From the Port of Paros (Parikia), ask any port police officer for the “Antiparos boat”. The trip takes around 20 minutes and the view is amazing all the way long.

- From Pounta/Paros there is a 10 minutes ferry-boat (cars allowed) every 30′ (check here bellow the timeteble of the ferry) To arrive in Pounta/Paros, from the port of Paros, take a bus ( on your right side  when you get off the boat from Athens. Ask any port police officer  for the “Antiparos bus”), a taxi or drive by the “Periferiako” (Don’t forget to turn right on the main road, around the 10km)