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July 2013 Antiparos Summer Festival: sports activities

17th July is the day of Agia Marina and a number of cultural and sports activities take place in the 3-day festival that is organised every year to celebrate the occasion. The small island of Antiparos is filled with people who love sport, dancing and partying the Greek way.

As far as sports are concerned, we have cycling, running and swimming events:


From Antiparos Port to Kambos and back (around 20 km)

16 July 2013 at 11:00



Running 10 km Marathon: From Antiparos Port to Glyfa Beach and back

2km Family Marathon: From Antiparos Port, until the end of the main street and back by the periferic road until the port (or the opposite)

17 July 2013 at 19:00



Paros – Antiparos channel crossing (= 1453 meters)

27 July 2013 at 18.00: (please confirm date)

(This event was cancelled a few days ago due to weather conditions and will probably take place on the 27th: we’ll keep you posted!)