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Photography galore in Antiparos: exhibition of and lecture about photography

The “anti” Art Gallery of Antiparos  invites you on Saturday 31st August at 20:00 to the opening of Platon Rivellis photo exhibition. The exhibition starts this Saturday, 31/08/2013, and will go on until the 15th of September at the “anti” Art Gallery at the entrance of the “Kastro”. Opening hours are 19.30  to 00.30. Acclaimed photographer Platon Rivellis will also give a lecture [...]


Painting exhibition opening in Antiparos. The ‘Undulation’ by Voula Priovolou.

The “anti” Art Gallery of Antiparos  invites you tonight, Saturday 10th August at 20:30 for the opening of the painting exhibition ‘Undulation’ by Voula Priovolou. Voula Priovolou is a Greek artist, born in Athens in 1949. She has studied painting in the Greek School for Fine Arts and taught art for almost 30 years. She [...]


Art exhibition: Nikos Houliaras and Antiparos, opening 20th July 2013

The “anti” Art Gallery of Antiparos ( https://www.facebook.com/anti.antiparos) is hosting the art exhibition by famous Greek artist, writer and Antiparos lover Nikos Houliaras: ‘Summer in the Garden of the Mind. Nikos Houliaras and Antiparos’. The exhibition opens this Saturday, 20th July at 22.00 and will go on until 9th August 2013, under the auspices of the [...]