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Kayak trips in Antiparos by Greece by Kayak

In addition to our article about kayaking in Antiparos, we present Greece by Kayak, a tour operator specialized in kayaking tours in Antiparos. Since 2011 Greece by Kayak has offered guided kayak tours around the island in partnership with the Antiparos legend, Kostas Kalpenidis (argonautsblue@hotmail.com). Chris Carey, the Greek by Kayak idealizer and founder describes the tours as flexible and [...]


Swimming across the channel Paros Antiparos 2013

Every year, on the begin of July, the Nautical Club of Antiparos organizes the 1453 m crossing of the channel between Paros and Antiparos. The crossing is always held in good and safe weather conditions and there are many boats supporting the swimmers. People of all ages participates and the spirit is more of a chalenge [...]