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Children’s theater “Playground” at Cine Oliaros, Antiparos – Friday, 23/08/2013

Children of Antiparos are presenting a theatre play for children at Cine Oliaros on Friday 23rd August at 20:00h. A theater group of local children between eight and thirteen years old was formed by actress, drama teacher and Antiparos lover Georgia Katsiri in mid-July this year. After more than a month of role plays, theatrical games and [...]


Theatre at the Antiparos cinema – Saturday 13 July 2013

Don’t miss this theatre performance tonight at 21.00 at the cinema, brought to our island. by Antiparos em Plo ( https://www.facebook.com/antiparos.en.plo ). “Evgenia’s journey” is a very successful play about the magical world of books, with live music. It’s suitable for all ages so bring your kids along!) The play is in Greek but don’t let [...]


There’s a wedding today… Theatre play in the castle of Antiparos

On Monday evening, 17 July 2013, the teenage theatre group of Antiparos, under the hospice of the Municipality of the island, presented the play: “there’ s wedding today…” and gained loud laughs and enthusiastic applause. The play is a free adaptation of Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet set in the small village of the Castle.  The [...]