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Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Thai massage in Antiparos

by Roula Papathanasiou

I managed through Reiki to start loving myself and discovering that my life can be better in the course of time. I hadn’t imagined myself as a therapist back then. All that mattered was that I could help myself and my family.

My engagement with Crystal Therapies began after reading a book. I was really fascinated with the properties that crystals can have and therefore I decided to study more on the subject. The miraculous and unknown realm of crystals…

My adoration for the marvelous world of the body led me to Thailand, where the masters of the kind taught me the secrets of Thai massage (traditional healing Thai massage). The healing power of this type of massage is incredible! I am grateful to my teachers.

In Athens, on a regular weekly basis we are having meditation sessions and treatments, while seminars on Reiki and Self-knowledge and/or treatments are being realized periodically in Athens, Crete and many other places in Greece and abroad. During the summer I like to work on the beautiful island of Antiparos.

After experiencing such a massage, people told me that they got connected with their inner being, they started getting a feel of their body, they observed changes in their body, they made decisions, they released long-lasting emotional charges holding them back, they felt their Divinity, they became more conscious of their existence, they felt rejuvenated body and soul, they became optimistic and showed trust to their Self, and experienced other things too.

Each therapy is truly unique. It doesn’t matter what every person has to narrate out of this experience, but, what matters is the union between the therapist and the person taking the therapy, all achieved in a higher level and in different dimensions. Therefore, every therapy for every person is different from the previous one, and, therapies differ as well among people.

For more information about Reiki or Thai healing massage, you can read the following:

Specialized therapy such as abdominal massage and detoxification massage is also available

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Roula Papathanasiou

Reiki Master  (15. Rank- Usui S. R.)

Crystal therapist (Natural Health Science- NHS)

Thai massage (ITM Massage School of Thailand, Master Pichest Boonthumme, Master Sinchai, Felicity Joy keebaugh, Liz Koch, OsteoThai with David Lutt)


For appointments, please contact me at: or call me at +306945104810


reiki antiparos Reiki, Crystal Therapy and Thai massage in Antiparos