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Windsurfing needs mainly water and constant wind conditions. Antiparos has both!

One of the best spots of the Cyclades for the sport is actually the channel between Paros and our beautiful island. This is what every Greek windsurfer knows!

antiparos windsurf Windsurfing in Antiparos with Onboard WindsurfschoolThe best brands, brand new equipment and top-level instructors is all that you need to begin or improve your windsurf skills.

But Αντίπαρος has much more to offer for those who enjoy the feeling of being pushed by the wind on crystal blue waters.

Since summer 2013, the top-level windsurfer Alex Tetsis opened Onboard, a windsurf school in Glyfa beach, Αντίπαρος.

Onboard Windsurfschool is a place to meet other windsurfers, to talk about the sport, to rent or buy a board, a rig for special conditions and of course, learn everything about windsurf, from beginner lessons to advanced freestyle tricks.

windsurfing in antiparos Windsurfing in Antiparos with Onboard WindsurfschoolAlex Tetsis puts all his experience as a freestyle competitor to teach beginners and advanced level windsurfers.

«Γλύφα, Antiparos is one of the best spots in Greece for long rides, with relative flat water, excellent for slalom and for improving freestyle skills», describes Alex.

The club offers no facilities but a very friendly ambience and lots of shade by the native trees around it.

Less than 300 meters from Onboard windsurfschool there is the Big Blue restaurant and café with enough food and drinks to help you before and after your windsurf sessions.

During the summer, the wind blows quite constantly, mainly with north-south direction and strength from 10 να 40 knots. In winter time, south and north winds relay.

windsurfing antiparos Windsurfing in Antiparos with Onboard WindsurfschoolSandra Schnegg, another instructor at the Onboard windsurfschool is an overall athlete with great experience after many years of lake windsurfing at her hometown in Switzerland.

Apart from Glyfa Beach, you will find many other windsurf spots in Antiparos and you can start from almost every Antiparos beach.

Camping Beach, Άγιος Γεώργιος, Παραλία της Παναγιάς are some of them.

Consult Alex and his partner Sandra for the best spots according to the actual weather conditions.

Ο Onboard Windsurfschool is open only during the summer. Check this blog for updates.


How to get there:

windsurf at antiparos Windsurfing in Antiparos with Onboard WindsurfschoolFrom the Antiparos Port, just follow the main road (ΠΕΡΙΦΕΡΕΙΑΚΟ) for 4km and you are there.

Φαντάζομαι Onboard windsurfschool – Παραλία Γλύφας, Αντίπαρος em um χάρτη Maior

Lets windsurf now!